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For over 25 years, I’ve specialized in creating evocative, informative and powerful photographs of interiors, exteriors, lifestyle, food, gardens and travel. Early in my career, I shot for magazines, book publishers, ad agencies and travel bureaus. I learned that great photographs are not just ones that are beautiful, but ones that tell a story. Now the stories I’m telling are for hospitality properties.

During the planning stage for a shoot, my clients and I discuss their brand and develop a shoot list. I often ask them to share with me some adjectives that describe their property. It’s a great way for me to discover what are the qualities and characteristics of their properties that are important to them that I will need to capture with the images I’ll create for them.

On-site, I carefully consider every detail before I click the shutter because each aspect — the composition, the lighting, the staging, the styling — is crucial to the success of every photograph whether the subject is a room, a property’s exterior, the landscape, the food or people enjoying the experience of being there.

With clear communications prior to the shoot and throughout, I keep the planning, shooting and the delivery of the highest quality images stress free for my clients.

I work hard! I’m very enthusiastic about what I do and especially what I can do for my clients to get their stories out there.